Doheny Village

Still No Funding for Doheny Village

Once the Doheny Village Form Based Code is complete, it will move forward to the Planning Commission, Council, and ultimately, the California Coastal Commission for approval. This could come as early as late 2017 if all goes well and the plan stays on track. Essential infrastructure changes will be needed on Doheny Park Road, such as widening sidewalks, installing traffic roundabouts, and converting the north PCH on ramp to a pedestrian/bike bridge to link our area to the rest of the City. We don’t have final numbers on this, but estimate that, even after some limited grant funding, this work could cost $5 to $6 million or more. Some of this will hopefully be recovered through developer impact fees, but funds for the initial outlay must be reserved. We’ve also learned that Cal Trans has cut substantial funds out of transportation projects around the State, likely making additional significant grant funding questionable. City planning officials have informed us that the road work and the Doheny Village Plan will proceed along two separate tracks but every effort will be made to keep both segments moving forward expeditiously. We are expecting a detailed timeline for the road work in the next couple of weeks.

On Tuesday March 15th, Capo Cares addressed City Council for the fourth time, requesting a plan to create specific reserves for Doheny Village, specifically the key infrastructure work and street plan deemed vital to jump-starting the revitalization. The mid-year budget adjustments approved by Council show that there are NO reserves for this vital project. Capo Cares is worried that the Council continues to create annual operating deficits by spending more than it took in in most recent years. With long term reserves virtually gone after more than $20 million invested in Town Center, there is no money left for Doheny Village. Particularly galling is that part of the Town Center improvements were funded with the sale of $3.6 in Capo Beach park land in 2014. We urged the Council to direct the Finance Committee to take a hard look at current and future budgets to see where they can carve out funds starting NOW, to build up the needed reserves. Council did not respond and all but Councilman Schoeffel voted to approve the mid-year adjustments that added additional expenses of almost $1 million (including $520,000 in legal expenses related to Strands Gate) to the 2016 budget. We are legitimately worried. Doheny Village improvements will NOT happen without funding.

Action Item: Please write our Mayor and Mayor Protem at and to ask them to put funding for the Doheny Park Road improvements on the agenda immediately.

For more information, please visit the City of Dana Point website here:
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