This is a forum for YOU as a resident, business or organization in Capistrano Beach, CA. Capo Cares exists to ensure that the beauty, aesthetics, safety and responsible development of our community are maintained and enhanced by our elected officials. We are a non profit volunteer association of ordinary citizens with NO funding other than the occasional small donation for photocopying, coffee or "Capo cookies". We have committees dedicated to researching and making recommendations to solve the following issues facing our community:

  • Completion of the Doheny Village Plan and prompt revitalization efforts
  • Improvement of landscaping and aesthetics
  • Improved Code and Law Enforcement
  • Replacement of PCH Pedestrian Bridge
  • Beach Enhancement, Beautification and Preservation
  • Historic and cultural preservation and support of the Arts
  • Responsible development of the PCH corridor and Doheny Village
  • Park, median and easement improvements and beautification

If you are interested in any of these issues and would like to help your community by getting involved, please let us know by commenting here or emailing us at When we work together and contribute where we can, the community can preserve and protect our little slice of paradise in beautiful Capistrano Beach. Together we can make a difference in our community!

And if you haven’t done so already, please LIKE us on Facebook, If there are issues that concern you, please let us know.