Code Enforcement


NOTE: the entire Dana Point municipal code can be found at This is not intended to be a substitute for reading the entire code, but merely a summary of common code violations that may affect quality of community life

4.20.010 GARAGE SALES – Allowed maximum of two consecutive days; no more than 4 per year per property; no sidewalks or public property; signs must be placed no more than 1 day prior and must be removed within one hour after. No sales between 6 PM and 7 AM.

5.38.090 SHORT TERM RENTALS – Must be permitted and pay transient occupancy tax to City. May have 2 people per bedroom plus 2 more in house. No weddings, parties, no noise, disturbances, disorderly conduct or overcrowding. Maximum one car for a 1-bedroom unit and 2 for 2 bedrooms or more. Must have 2 off street parking spots. No street parking. Other rules see 5.38.080.

6.14.002 PUBLIC NUISANCES – Behavior affecting public morals, buildings or fencing needing repainting or showing decay, termites, peeling, etc.; graffiti not removed in 24 hours; broken windows; overgrown or unsightly vegetation including weeds over 6 inches; dirt, litter, feces or debris; construction materials unless under construction; appliances; abandoned cars; unlandscaped front yard; no parked RV used as a living space; no livestock; no dumping waste in roads; no trailers, campers, boats or cars except in driveways; no laundry viewed from street. No commercial vehicles more than 25 feet long, 8 feet high or 90 inches wide; no construction equipment on street; and MORE!

6.10.040 TRASH BINS – no placing at curb before 5 PM on day before collection, or after 8 AM the day after collection.

6.16.022 OVERCROWDING – Maximum 2 people per bedroom plus 1 per dwelling unit; 120 square feet per person, and maximum 6 people per bathroom. See other provisions.

6.45.100 LITTERING PROHIBITED – includes all the usual items, plus cigarette butts.

11.10.018 NOISE CONTROL – disturbances defined – 55 decibels from 7 AM to 10 PM, 45 dB from 10 PM to 7 AM. For Barking dogs, call Coastal Animal Service authority (CASA)) 949-492-1617. Construction allowed 7 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday with PERMITS.

11.32.030 CURFEWS – applies to minors from 11 PM to 6 AM unless accompanied by parent or guardian, working, or attending a school or church event. Kids under 14 must be accompanied at home between 10 PM and 6 AM.

11.40.010 PUBLIC INTOXICATION – prohibited

11.40.020 PRIVATE INTOXICATION – prohibited if it is an annoyance to others

11.40.030 DRINKING IN PUBLIC – no open containers. No drinking alcohol in public.


11.50.010 TRESPASSING – prohibited on private property. Commercial areas subject to certain other legislation.

11.60.020 ALARM SYSTEMS – must shut off automatically after 15 minutes (residential) and 30 minutes (commercial),. Subject to fine after 3 false alarms. Penalties for intentional false alarms.

12.08.020 VEHICLE STREET PARKING -no storage on streets. Must be moved 1/10 of a mile every 72 hours.

12.08.021 VEHICLES MORE THAN 6 FEET HIGH – no parking near intersections.

12.08.050 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES – not allowed to be parked on streets except with a City permit which may be granted for a maximum of 72 hours, no more than six times per year per address, for RVs parked in front of owner’s residence or RVs that are guest of owner.

12.08.050 COMMERCIAL VEHICLES – no vehicles wider than 80 inches parked on streets between 8 PM and 6 AM except under specific circumstances. 2 hour parking during the day okay for unattached trailers and commercials vehicles. See section for more details.

C. V. C. OVERHANGING VEHICLES – no vehicles blocking a sidewalk. Parked cars can’t overhang street more than the width of parallel parked cars, according to California Vehicle Code.

13.04 PUBLIC PARKS – no smoking; no loitering, disorderly or immoral conduct; no advertising; no selling or vending.

13.04.210 CAMPING – illegal to camp or stay overnight in any city park or City property.